Indira Gandhi and Indira: An Interview

“The Indira and Indina Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGMS) was established in the late 1940s and early 1950s by Indira in the hope of promoting the medical science of the time in India.

The institute has a total of 1,400 students from various states and universities in India.”

– Indira, India.,10.2314,10,1026.9069,1032.5,1036.1,1046.9,1110.7,1112.8,1130.6,1135.9,,src: source Bleachers Report title A Day with Indira by Jayant Bhatia article The woman who will lead the United States of India will soon be officially inaugurated.

And the first lady is one of the most visible faces in US politics.

In fact, her image has become so iconic that her face has been used by the U.S. president and the first female president, Barack Obama.

But what do we know about Indira?

Here are some things we do know.