Brown rice, goya rice, kedgerees hit with recall


(AP) — Brown rice and other processed grains and ingredients sold by Kellogg Co. have been recalled in more than a dozen states, including Virginia, amid concerns that they may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7.

The products were sold nationwide starting Monday, and are expected to be recalled nationwide beginning Wednesday.

The recall affects the following products: brown rice (Riceburg Farms), white rice (Porter Farms), whole grain brown rice products (Rye & White), rice flour (Riley Farms), rice hulls (Reed Health), rice husks (Roe Health), soybean flour (NuGen), soybeans (NutraSweet), rice meal (Nuts-n-Huts), rice syrup (Nutty’s), rice starch (Naturals), rice powder (Nurveys), brown rice milk (Nurture Farm), rice milk powder (Packer Farm), brown rice protein powder (Packer Farms), brown milk powder and rice milk paste (Nursery &amp ; Nursery Products), rice bran (Nurex) and rice brinners (Nueva Brands).

The products are expected for sale nationwide starting Wednesday.

Kellogg spokeswoman Erin Liddon said the recall was prompted by “recalls of a suspected E.coli agent in rice products sold by Baker Creek Foods Inc. in Virginia.”

Baker Creek said it will remove the product from its shelves in Virginia by Thursday, and the company said it is taking steps to reduce the risk of contamination from E. coli in the United States.

Baker Creek is a large distributor of grain products and food ingredients for the food service industry.

Virginia’s Department of Agriculture said the products were distributed by a local food processing company and were manufactured between August 2016 and February 2017.

The department said the company was not aware of the potential contamination of rice products, which are considered “low risk” for E.

Coli and the food safety agency said it was notifying local retailers about the recall.

The agency also said it received two complaints about the product in Virginia and two complaints from other states.

The company said Baker Creek has removed the product for its own safety.

Liddons told The Associated Press that the company is cooperating fully with the state on the recall and will cooperate with the federal Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) when the recall is completed.

The FSIS has said it expects to begin conducting a full nationwide inspection of all food processing facilities by the end of March.

It also said Baker’s Creek is not required to comply with the recall requirement, and it has the right to make adjustments if it believes those requirements have been breached.

The Food Safety News Network reported last week that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet determined if the E. Coli strain of E.CCV is the reason for the recall, and there has been no indication that the product has been contaminated.

Baker’s County is about 40 miles (65 kilometers) north of Richmond.

Baker said it has taken steps to eliminate contamination and has zeroed in on the product’s source and process.

The Associated Commercial-Revenue Network reported that Baker Creek will sell the recalled products at retail outlets nationwide.

The USDA said it would also begin to monitor food processing plants in Virginia.