Which restaurant chains have the best Chinese food in Singapore?

In 2016, a Chinese company named Chinese Food Group took over a Singapore franchisee’s business in a trendy neighbourhood, where they started to serve up Chinese cuisine in the form of brown rice with a crunchy coating and crispy on the outside.

It was an unusual move for a restaurant chain.

In the United States, most restaurants serve up the same dish of Chinese cuisine with a little bit of American flair.

The company in Singapore was a joint venture between Chinese Food and a franchisee named Yang Zhang, who also happens to be the founder of an Australian-based restaurant chain called Yangyang.

Yangyang has restaurants across Asia, and Yang Zhang’s family owns the company.

Its owner, Yang Zhang himself, told a local news outlet in 2016 that the brand he and his family had acquired was named after his grandfather.

“My grandfather used to have a restaurant called Yangang restaurant in the Philippines.

I don’t know why my grandmother, my mother, my sister-in-law, my uncle, my cousins and my cousins’ friends have started calling us Yangang, Yangang Restaurant,” he said.

At the time, the Yang Yang restaurant in Pasir Ris region of Singapore was selling Chinese-style Chinese cuisine for around $100.

It wasn’t the first time Yang Zhang had used his name to promote his brand in Singapore, but it was the first such instance that came after he was named as the new CEO of the brand.

Since taking over the franchisee, Yang had opened up new restaurants in Pasiris Ris and the southern island of Johor and opened another in the middle of 2017.

He even launched a new Chinese food restaurant in Singapore’s western suburbs, where he expanded into the country’s other cities, such as the southern city of Serangoon and the western city of Penang.

His success with his restaurants in Singapore and other countries meant that Yang Zhang soon began to be recognised for his culinary talent.

Soon, Yang started his own Chinese restaurant chain, called Chinese Restaurant Group, which was sold to Chinese food giant Yum Brands in December 2020.

This was the last time Yang would serve up his own menu.

As of today, the Chinese Restaurant brand is owned by Yum.

While Yang Zhang will still be involved in his Chinese food business, the name will no longer be associated with his brand.

In 2017, he became Singapore’s first Chinese-American billionaire, with a reported net worth of more than $3.5 billion.

He will be celebrating his birthday in 2018, but he hasn’t made a public appearance since then.

Yum Brands has said that Yang will continue to have an influence on the Chinese food industry, and the company has pledged to invest in the brand, and to be involved more in the restaurants in the future.

However, there’s another Chinese-Australian billionaire, Robert Yang, who is also a shareholder in Yum, that will be making an appearance.

Robert Yang, a Singaporean who was born in Sydney, is the son of Chinese-born Chinese businessman Huang Jianhua, who died in November 2016 at the age of 81.

Robert Yang is the chairman of the Chinese company Yum Holdings Limited, and is also the founder and chairman of China China Group Holdings, which owns and operates Yum Restaurants in Singapore.

Yang was appointed to Yum’s board in 2017 after his father’s death.

He said at the time that he believed that Yum could help Singapore improve its reputation as a global culinary destination and make Singapore a more desirable place to live and work.

There are other Chinese-Australians in the company, too.

But the name that Yang is using to promote Yum will probably stay.