Kyo’s rice-based kyo recipe comes to the UK

Kyo, the popular Japanese rice-cooking dish, is coming to the United Kingdom.

The recipe, which is now made from brown rice, has been used by many people in Japan, including celebrities such as Kiyoshi Matsumoto and Toshihiro Fujii.

The new Kyo is being introduced in the UK and will be available at the end of April.

The dish will be sold by Suntory.

It will be made with the same ingredients and ingredients will be added into the sauce as it was in Japan.

The name Kyo refers to the rice, the Japanese word for rice.

The original Kyo dish was originally made from rice and added to a kyuzu curry with fish or vegetables.

Now, the dish has been transformed into a kyo sauce made from white rice.

Kyo will be priced at around £1.50 per kg.