How to prepare rice cooked to perfection for Thanksgiving?

Posted November 29, 2018 10:07:23 The best part about Thanksgiving is that you can eat whatever you want.

If you have leftover rice from Thanksgiving dinner, that’s great, too.

But if you’re in the mood for a meal, here are three tips to make the perfect meal at home.


Don’t cook the rice for the whole family.

You can make rice for as many people as you like.

You just have to make sure you give it some time to rest before serving.

This will make sure that your family gets a chance to eat their favorite meal.

For instance, you could serve your kids some roasted turkey with roasted corn on the cob, or some sweet potato pancakes with maple syrup and butter.

If your family is on a strict no-cook diet, you may need to change the recipe to suit.

If the rice is left out of the main dish, the kids will be hungry and will likely crave more rice.


If possible, add more rice to the dish.

The easiest way to get extra rice is to stir it into the rice.

You could also make it your own, but that adds extra work and costs extra money.


Be careful when serving rice to your kids.

If they’re not hungry, they’re likely to eat a lot more rice than you’d like to give them.

Try to keep them hungry, but also give them some time.

Try not to over-fry them.

You want to give the rice enough time to cook before serving it, so you can let them enjoy the rice as soon as they get home.

If there’s enough rice left over, you can put it in a bowl, but you may want to store it in the fridge to use later.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dinner recipe?

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