How to make the best of one of the most versatile rice dishes

The rice bowl, a staple of many Indian households, has become an iconic dish, and one which is enjoyed by everyone from the Indian diaspora to the global elite.

And with the rise of the new wave of Indian cuisine, it’s no wonder that the world has a love affair with this versatile and hearty dish.

The traditional rice bowl was created by the family of the same name who lived in the ancient city of Calicut, a city of about 2 million people in present-day India.

The name comes from the fact that rice is boiled in the same pot, and that the cooked rice is then poured into the bowl, with the cooked portion often being topped with sweetcorn and chillies.

Rice bowls were first brought to India in the mid-16th century by the Mughals, and were traditionally served with curries, dal and other vegetables.

Today, many of the traditional rice dishes are served in curry houses and restaurants, with some even being called ‘taj pe lal’ (pork liver).

Here, we explore the most popular Indian rice dishes.