The French are coming for our food: Rice syrup has arrived

RTE 1/5 Rice syrup can be expensive in the States, so why not here in France?

A new website,, is trying to convince people in France that the world is coming for their food.

The website was launched in the hope that people would feel at home, and the website is in English, French and Spanish.

It has been running for two months. 

The website says that the French will not want their rice to taste of the same stuff they have been used to, so a simple syrup made with the same ingredients as the stuff used in their own cooking is the perfect solution.

“If you cook rice and have not tasted the real stuff, it is very, very expensive,” it says.

“And if you don’t have a place to store it, you might want to try a cheaper alternative. 

It is a very simple and cheap syrup that is made from fresh rice that you can use to make anything.

The syrup comes in a jar and it will be ready to use within two to three days.”

So what is it?

It is a mix of brown rice and sugar, which is what you get in most of the American and European versions of it.

The syrup is mixed with water to create a syrupy consistency.

 It has the added benefit of making your food taste like rice.

The website claims that it tastes similar to the French rice syrup but has the taste of a real thing, as opposed to the American or European version.

Why does it taste like a real rice syrup?

It uses a mixture of brown and sugar to make a syrup.

That means that it will have the taste and texture of real rice.

This syrup has the exact same properties as the real thing and the only difference is the colour of the rice.

It is used in all the European versions and in the US it is a little different to the brown rice version.

It also uses coconut oil, which comes in many forms and is often used in food as a thickener.

Is it cheap?

The website says it costs around 30 euros ($38) for a 1 litre jar.

The real thing costs around £1.50 ($1.89).

The difference in price is because it is made using ingredients from the real rice and the real sugar, but that does not mean the ingredients are the same.

There is a difference between the price and the quality of the ingredients.

How does it work?

The syrupts are put in a container and then the lid is put on and the lid goes on and off until the syrup is used.

The syrup has a plastic bag inside which is used to store the syrup.

It will keep for a week.

If you buy it online, you will have to pay a fee of around €4 ($5.50) per 1 litres.

It is cheaper if you buy in the supermarket.