Ireland to introduce brown rice conversion programme

Brown rice conversion programmes are being trialled in the Republic of Ireland.

The programme will see the use of wheat in all foodstuffs including bread, pasta, breaded meats and dairy products.

It will be rolled out across all restaurants and supermarkets and the Irish Department of Agriculture has said the programme will be phased in from July 1.

The Department of Health said it will roll out the programme to all hospitals and pharmacies across the country by December 1.

Irish Farmers Minister Brendan Howlin said the Irish Government has received a lot of feedback about the introduction of this new program.

Mr Howlin told RTÉ News on Friday that he expects to see more and more of the use and use of brown rice in Ireland over the coming years.

“There’s a lot more that we need to do, a lot, a bit more, that is in terms of the policy, the planning and the work to get there,” he said.

“I expect there will be some significant changes in the coming months, that are going to happen and that will have a direct impact on how we get food into our communities.”

The Department of Food and Agriculture will be looking at how to implement the programme, what the benefits are, what impact it is going to have and what the cost to consumers is going be.

“We’ve got a very robust programme of brown flour conversion.

So I’m sure we’re going to see a change of approach in coming months.”