Why rice is good for you: Rice can help you lower your cholesterol and raise your potassium

The idea that rice can improve your blood pressure is a staple of American diet.

But new research suggests that rice actually lowers your cholesterol levels.

A team of researchers from Harvard University and Duke University looked at data from people who were prescribed a daily dose of beta-blockers called furosemide.

They found that beta-blocking medications reduced blood pressure, while the beta-agonists did not.

Beta-blocker medications are prescribed for people with high blood pressure and have been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

It’s possible that beta blockers may be more effective at lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension, but the researchers are not sure.

This isn’t the first time beta-blocks have been found to lower blood pressure.

The researchers found similar results with two other types of beta blockers.

The research also suggests that beta blocking medication may not work as well as expected in people who are sensitive to beta-Blockers.

One of the reasons the research is so exciting is that the researchers found that the effects were independent of blood pressure medication.

“In people who have elevated blood pressure on one side of the spectrum, the effects are also seen on the other side,” said lead author Matthew M. Tullos, a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Medicine.

Tullos and his team found that blood pressure lowered significantly in people receiving furosumide and beta-acids, but not beta-Acids, in people on placebo.

The team also found that people on furosalide had lower blood pressures than people on the placebo.

For now, Tulls is working with other researchers to determine whether the blood pressure lowering effects are limited to certain people.

Researchers are also exploring how furosaide affects the liver, and if the medication may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Researchers also want to determine if beta-alzheimer’s drugs can help.

What’s in your rice?

A rice-based diet can lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) by lowering your intake of saturated fats, which can raise your blood cholesterol.

This is one of the benefits of a rice-rich diet.

In addition to lowering your cholesterol, a rice diet can also reduce your risk of some kinds of cancer, according to the National Institute of Health.