Kroger plans to offer $6,000 discount on brown rice at grocery stores

A new food service company is offering a $6 discount on black rice at the grocery store for students.

In a statement to The Globe and Mail, the Rice University Brown Rice Company said that it will offer a $5 off coupon for students in the Spring 2019 semester, and a $1 off coupon to students in Fall 2019.

“With the increased demand for brown rice among our students, we are excited to be offering a discount on this popular meal with the students who work here,” said the company in a release.

“This is the third year that Rice University has implemented a $10 off coupon program, and students who are looking for an additional benefit are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.”

According to the company, the coupons will be valid for a minimum of four weeks, which means students can shop for their favorite meal for as long as they want.

The company has a full list of coupons and a sample offer.

The university said that students who do not have credit cards will not be able to sign up for the discount.

However, students who earn a full credit score can sign up.

The Rice University Rice Company has been working to introduce its $10off coupon program to grocery stores across the country since 2013, but was unable to make the program official until January 2018.

The program was initially introduced to students who worked for the University of Calgary and was limited to students enrolled in the university’s Bachelor of Agriculture program.

The Rice University company said that a $2 discount will be applied to the purchase of $20 or more worth of rice.