How to make a big pot of confetti with brown rice and brown rice flour, plus the easy recipe

When it comes to confetti, the key ingredient is rice flour.

That’s because it’s the perfect batter for a rice-based confection, which has a rich texture and a light, sweet flavour.

If you want to keep things simple, however, you can add some brown rice.

The rice flour will make a fluffy, soft and flaky confection that tastes delicious.

Add some brown sugar and cinnamon and you have a confection with a delicious and versatile texture.

Read more about confetti: How to use brown rice for confetti Ingredients 1/2 medium brown rice (about 2 cups) 1/4 cup confetti powder 1/3 cup sugar 2 large eggs 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon 1/6 tsp ground ginger 2 tbsp water 2 tsp ground corn syrup 2 tbsp corn starch 1/5 cup water 1/10 cup corn flour 1/20 cup cornmeal 1/50 cup flour 1 tsp salt 1/30 cup water for dusting (optional) 1 cup cornstarch, as needed Directions Preheat the oven to 375F.

Place the brown rice in a bowl.

Add the confetti and mix well.

Stir in the sugar, eggs, cinnamon and ginger and mix again.

Add water and cornstamp.

Mix well and then mix in the cornstalk.

Add in the flour, salt, cornmeal and corn starch.

Mix again and add in the water.

Mix to combine.

Fold in the rest of the ingredients.

Mix until combined.

Pour the confection into a large bowl.

Brush the edges with the corn starch and sprinkle with more cornstark.

Bake for 25 minutes until the edges are golden brown.

Remove from the oven and let cool.

Stir and let set for a few minutes.

Cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes before serving.

Recipe Notes Recipe adapted from Cooking Light: Brown Rice and Brown Rice Flour. 3.5.3208