This recipe is totally forbidden for Chinese restaurant owners

The most famous dish in Chinese cuisine is the stir fried brown rice.

It’s a meal that can be eaten with a spoon, with the right amount of pressure.

But it’s also a dish that you can’t just add to a bowl of rice.

You have to make it yourself.

This is a recipe that was created by a man who says he was born with a disorder that makes him refuse to eat anything other than rice.

“I was born without a pancreas,” says Jian Li, a Chinese immigrant who has created a Chinese-inspired dish that can only be made by hand.

“I’m very shy, so I don’t do a lot of social things.

I don�t have much friends.

I just can�t get along with people. I couldn�t stand the food.

So I tried to make a dish, that I can eat, that’s very normal, and then, when I found out, I wanted to make something that I could eat and have fun.”

Li is a former student at Harvard Business School.

He’s been cooking and baking since he was a kid.

In his teens, he decided to make stir fried rice and was inspired to do it with a special type of rice called black rice.

This kind of rice is normally used in Chinese dishes, such as stir fried pork, or steamed pork with vegetables.

But, as Li explained, black rice is not typically used for stir fried food.

Instead, it�s made with white rice, which is often used for soups, stews and rice balls.

“You use black rice in the rice,” he says.

“And you use white rice in it.

And you use the water from the black rice.”

Li created the dish because he had trouble with rice and couldn�ts handle the smell of it.

He wanted to change that.

“So I went to the kitchen and put in a little water, put the rice into the pan, put in the white rice and put the water out,” he explains.

“The rice was just so hard.

It was just hard, so that�s what I wanted.”

The rice is now one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant business, and it is one of many recipes that are banned by Chinese restaurants in China.

The reason for this?

Li said he didn�t like the smell.

The dish is also not for everyone.

Li has had mixed reviews on his website about the dish.

“There are some people that think that I am a bad person, a bad cook, and that I should not be able to eat it,” he said.

But for other people, it can be a treat.

“You get the taste of the rice, the texture of the food,” Li said.

“If you can do that, then you should be able do it.

If you can�ve, then I think it�ll be good.”

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