Chinese rice is now cheaper than US rice, says company

Brown rice is becoming more affordable than white rice in China, says a Chinese rice company.

The cost of a 1,000g packet of rice was around $5.50, and the cheapest pack of 10,000kg of brown rice is about $1.20, according to Chinese rice manufacturer Chinas Food, which makes the rice in the country. 

Chinese rice can also be found in some European countries, like Germany, France and Spain.

China is now home to the world’s largest rice-producing region, with the vast majority of rice production in the province of Anhui.

Chinese rice farmers say they’re facing a severe shortage of the rice needed for the booming economy, and they’re pushing for more subsidies to ensure they can continue to feed their growing population. 

“We are suffering from an economic crisis and a climate crisis.

We have been under pressure from the Chinese government for years,” said Wu Shijie, head of the Anhul County Rice Growers Association.

“We need rice to help our country grow, and rice has been an essential ingredient for our country.

The cost of the packet is much cheaper than white, and we need more rice for the Chinese people to grow their rice.” 

A report from the World Bank last year found that about 20% of the world population was hungry, with half of them relying on rice as a staple.