Audible Art Show

The Keynote Cafe, 227 South Fourth Street, Jeanette

During the summer of 2017, I took an unexpected hiatus from performing.

Several health problems made it impossible for me to sing, let alone perform, so I began searching for another creative outlet. I found some old paint brushes, and began painting to music as a way to cope while being ill.

I'd never painted on canvas before, but it was during this time that I started painting a 5-piece art series titled "Unveiling Darkness." As I was creating these pieces, I realized that I'd been writing songs that coincided with the strong emotions that I was painting on canvas.

Before I make my permanent move to California this summer, I want to share this body of work that I've created. This show will be different from anything I've done before, and so I've decided to call it an "Audible Art Show," where I can share both the visual and audible pieces of this series "Unveiling Darkness."

I'm currently finishing production of the EP that goes along with the art work, and I'll be performing these new songs live, along with showcasing the art series.

Art and music truly do heal, and my hope is to share that healing power through this showcase. đź’•

-Eva Eris

6:30-7:30. The Moment 7:30-8:00. TBA 8:00-9:00. Eva Eris 9:00. Farewell Jam

Admission is $10 at the door and includes hors d’oeurves and mixers. Adults byob. Call Jill Sorrels at the Keynote Cafe to reserve your seat in advance. Seats are going quickly! (412) 638-5263

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