Artist Development Workshop

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The Keynote Cafe, 227 South Fourth Street, Jeanette

Artist Development is critical to success in today's music industry.

During this double workshop, Professional Vocal Consultant, Keith Harker, will reveal the science behind the human voice, and how that knowledge can be harnessed to make the most out of your vocals. Take a look at the basics of vocal anatomy and how to best maintain your vocal health.

Afterwards, learn the fundamentals of songwriting, and how to tell your story through song with ASCAP Singer/Songwriter Eva Eris. Learn the process of writing, the basics of song structure, and techniques to build your craft as a songwriter.

At the end of this workshop, you'll have an opportunity to share the music you're working on, and receive valuable feedback on how to improve your craft. Feel free to bring any accompanying instruments to plug into our sound system.

$15 includes the workshop, song critique, and refreshments.

For more information about Keith and Eva, like/visit their facebook page or website:

Keith Harker Professional Voice Consultant & Private Vocal Coach

Eva Eris ASCAP Singer/Songwriter, Artist, & Producer