Meet eva

Meet eva


Eva Eris sets the new standard for musical artists. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Eva is a singer/songwriter, producer and music entrepreneur currently residing in Los Angeles. Eva uses her alternative soul music, along with her social media presence to advocate for mental health awareness, and to promote the arts as a form of healing. 

Eva began composing music at 11 years old, after learning to play piano by ear. She started singing soon thereafter, and booked her first paid performance at 13 years old. Over the next decade, Eva continued to perform hundreds of shows, win several talent competitions and perform on live television. 

By age 14, Eva had written enough material to record her first full length album. She went on to record two more albums of original music, as well as a live album, before releasing her first self-produced EP in 2016. Later that year she was accepted to Crē•8 Academy at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles, where she studied music production and began writing for film and television. 

Over the course of her career, Eva Eris has been on stage with songwriters in Nashville, received the golden ticket on the X-Factor in New York and has gained a large social media following as a live broadcaster and vlogger.

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